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Baby Love Pt 2


A/N: I got a request to do part two of Baby Love . I hope y’all enjoy this (: I thought about Knocked Up when I wrote this hehe. Anyway, read on!!
Warnings: Fluffyness

Austin was back doing what he does best. I’ve been back at work for two weeks. Those two weeks in Hawaii absolutely…

Baby Love: Austin Carlile Fluff/Smut Imagine


A/N: Hello Hello :) I’m back with more lovely imagines!! pixiealien requested (Austin Carlile fluffy smut :3 you guys get married and go on the honeymoon. :3;3:3:3:3) and this is exactly what I did :) I made it really fluffy….I think hehe. 
Inspired By: Baby Love by Nicole Scherzinger 

WARNINGS: Smut, and too much fluff :3

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